This is the complete package. Everything you want to upgarde and nothing you don't. You can pick and choose what you believe would be best for you.


There is 2 basic packages to choose from. The first is a complete 360 degree texturing of the pistol. The second is texturing of the front and back strap, leaving the sides of the pistol smooth. Both of these packages have underneath the trigger guard cut higher for a closer to the bore hold as well as the base of the trigger guard being rounded over to help stop the sharp edges from rubbing your finger raw. We texture the magazine catch,except on the shield where the catch is metal. A textured mag catch aids in wet, slippery hand getting a postive purchase and getting the magazine released when you run empty.


We can do these options on any M&P pistol, full size, compact, shield.


These packages will typically ship within 1-3 weeks depending on our work load and availability of parts.


Please note this is for a customer supplied pistol sent into us. If you would like to purchase a pistol from us for custom modifications please see our M&P Complete Stipple Package w/ Pistol. Also we have M&P pistol packages in stock, that you can do limited options on. These pistols will ship in 2-4 days.

M&P Complete Stipple Package Customer Supplied Pistol

  • As an option we can remove the "lip" at the base of the frame that protrudes out to match the profile of the factory magazine base pads. Some people like to keep it original and stick to factory base pads. We however like to remove the "lip" to match 10-8 Performance/Apex Tactical's base pads. These pads are slimmer in the hand when reloading adding in hitting the magwell easier. We also cut a scallop to aid in getting your finger over the top of the base pad to help get a stuck magazine out.


    Let us know in the comments at check out if you want us to remove the magazine lip?