This is an invaluable tool for assembling and working on AR-15 style lower receivers. It holds a lower in any position, without having to remove the block from the vise to hold the lower, just clamp the block in a vise and go to work. The block will hold the lower right side up or upside down (for installing safety lever and grip), it will also hold it with either side facing you using the magazine catch to lock the lower in place.


The block also aids in installing the trigger guard roll pin. If the roll pin is not installed with proper support you can damage your receiver. A dowel pin locates the trigger guard on the lower and aligns everything to start the pin in. After the roll pin is started simply move the assembly off the dowel pin and continue to drive the pin into postions using the block to support the lower. There is also a hole that allows the lower to be supported while completely driving out the roll pin.


After years of use, tweaking, and adding new features we believe we have made the best tool for assembling and working on lower receivers. It will save you time and frustation on your next build or when changing out parts.


**Lower receiver, any other tools, or parts shown in pictures are not included. Just the lower receiver vise block with dowel pin installed**


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