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Glock 19
Glock 19
Glock 19
Front cocking serrations
Trijicon RMR cut

Custom Glock pistols

The Glock line of pistols are some of the best polymer pistols on the market. They are also one of the most popular, and for good reason. The incredible reliability of Glocks have made them a great choice among armed citizens, competition shooters, law enforcement, and military.
As good of a pistol as the Glock is it could still use some refinement to make it and you the best you can possibly be.
At Westbound Custom Firearms we work hard to make your Glock the best it can be for you. We overhaul the trigger system to deliver a short, crisp, lighter trigger pull. With pull weights ranging from 6lbs to 3lbs we set the gun up to your application and what you need.
After the trigger we rework the frame to make it more comfortable for extended shooting as well as give you a more aggressive grip. Whether your hands are sweaty, wet, or bloody your weapon won't be slipping around in your hands.
We can fit a match grade barrel if you are unhappy with the accuracy of your weapon and want to bring out the absolute best potential from this amazing weapon system. To round off your pistol we can install any sights of your choice. Of course we recommend our sight systems as a lot of time and thought went into them to increase your speed and accuracy while maintaining the robustness to be carried everyday.
Get the confidence to be your best.

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