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Behind every blade of grass
Your dream carbine.
Anyway you want it.
We build rifles to be the most reliable and best shooting tools they can be.

AR-15 style rifles and carbines

The choice of America's war fighter, armed citizen, and sportsman for over 50 years.

Westbound Custom Firearms understands the AR-15 platform, what makes it work, and not work. With this knowledge we deliver the perfect rifle for your needs. We don't focus on the flashy and bling. We build rifles and carbines that fit your real world needs. Reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics are the key features of all our weapon systems.

If you are looking for a military style clone rifle, a competition carbine, a truck gun, or a deployment rifle we can fit your needs and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your perfect rifle or carbine build. Or take a look at the store to see the AR style weapons we believe are the best most reliable systems and our favorite setups. Since we believe these will work great for you we build and stock these.

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