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Another day at the range

About Us

The owner and founder of Westbound Custom Firearms started his passion for shooting at a young age. Always wanting to get outside and to the range there was nothing that stopped him from trying to find something that worked better. Something that enhanced the performance and aided him in becoming a better shooter. With over 15 years in the machining trade he honed his knowledge and skills in the manufacturing indusrty. This is the same passion that he takes in everyday to Westbound Custom Firearms. Always striving to come up with better products.

You won't see the flashy bling and pointless cosmetic milling on our slides and frames. Nor will you see the skeletonized receivers and handguards that would break if you stepped on it. What we make is simple weapon systems that work. They work reliably and they bring out the best in your shooting. Whether you are a competition shooter, law enforcement, military, or a responsible armed citizen wanting to do the best you can do to protect your family, home, and country we have a solution that will work for you.

Through hard work designing, testing, and manufacturing we will continue to bring new items to you. There is always new products in the works at Westbound Custom Firearms. From our sight systems, to our tried and true gunsmithing tools we are always striving towards the future and our ultimate goal of giving you what you need to be the best you can be. We are always keeping our eye to the future and all the new products and services to come.

Over time as we grow and develop from from stippled polymer pistols and trigger jobs, to full 1911 custom builds. Plus our rifle and carbine line up  that you can trust your life with their reliability, accuracy, and ease of shooting.

At Westbound Custom Firearms we will always continue to strive to do better and help you to become the best shooter you can be.

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